About  #SLIDay

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The Federation of Information Technology Industry Sri Lanka (FITIS) was set up in 1996 with purpose of giving a much-needed focal point for ICT industry in Sri Lanka. Today, FITIS is the apex body of ICT industry in the country covering all major industry segments as below:

Hardware Chapter | Software Chapter | Education & Training Chapter  | Communication Chapter | Digital Services Chapter | Office Automation Chapter | Professional Chapter 

FITIS works towards shaping & leading the strategic direction of ICT industry with cumulative membership of over 200 active business firms in the industry. FITIS is  a member driven non-profit  organization & the membership is open to all companies & organizations locally that are involved in ICT business.


About Sri Lanka Internet Day 2021


“Sri Lanka Internet Day 2021 (SLIDay)” inaugural virtual event by the Digital Chapter of the Federation of Information Technology in Sri Lanka (FITIS), themed ‘Digital Inclusion’ on 06th and 07th of April 2021 in line with FITIS mandates on digital economy and regional hub and the 7-pillar digital strategy.


The theme ‘Digital Inclusion’ is to showcase citizen engagement in a digital society and how it will have a positive impact in terms of Access, Affordability, and Digital Ability. The event will showcase Sri Lanka’s digital strategy and feature digitization initiatives already taken by the public and private sectors in several key areas. It will also showcase national priorities of enhancing the country’s digital infrastructure to facilitate a digitally empowered ecosystem.


This theme also acknowledges the country’s recognition of the need to priorities its digital economy to face future economic and social challenges.


The initiatives showcased at the event will focus on the Public Sector’s implementation of digital IDs, Digital Payment adoption, and PPPs, while focus areas for the private sector would be FinTech, Agri Sector (Use of IOT), Digital Products for SME sector and the digital adoption by conglomerates.  Over 15 key influencers are expected to share their knowledge and experience in the key areas of Digital Eco system.


Topics at #SLIDay

Digital Policies & Regulations

Digital Vision & Policy of Sri Lanka

Data Protection Act

Cybersecurity Act

Regulatory Frameworks to Enable Digitalization

Technology & Data

  • AI & ML

  • Cloud

  • IoT

  • Mobile Applications

  • Data Driven Digital

  • Transformation

  • Open Data

Digital Pillars

  • Digital Infrastructure (connectivity)

  • Digital Finance

  • Digital Skills – ICT Skills & Digital Literacy

  • Digital ID

Industries, Sectors & Business Segments

  • Education, Agriculture, Healthcare, Public Sector, Travel & Hospitality, Retail, Financial Services, MSME Sector, Digital Businesses & Startups

Digital Strategies

  • Digital Business Models

  • Tech-infused Business Models

  • Building Digital Products

  • Success Factors for Digital Entrepreneurship

What #SLIDay Is All About
Event Highlights

Digital Vision & Policy of Sri Lanka,Data Protection Act,Digital Strategies and Cybersecurity Act


Regulatory Frameworks to Enable Digitalization and Digital Skills – ICT Skills & Digital Literacy


Digital Business Models,Tech-infused Business Models, Fintech and Building Digital Products


AI & ML ,Cloud,IoT,Mobile Applications ,Data Driven Digital Transformation ,

Education,Agriculture,Public Sector, Travel & Hospitality,MSME Sector, Digital Businesses & Startups