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Jayantha De Silva.png

Jayantha De Silva

Ministry of Technology

“I congratulate FITIS for launching Sri Lanka Internet Day. The value of internet was proved beyond doubt especially during the pandemic period by catering to the needs of the government, education, health, food and businesses to operate in a near normal environment.  The real value of internet is yet to be seen and events of this nature organised by FITIS would definitely help the cause."


Lalith Gamage.png

Prof. Lalith Gamage

Chairman, ICTA

“Never before, in the history of the internet has it become so important as right now.  The disruption created by the pandemic was severe, but it also presented great opportunity. The first Sri Lanka Internet Day being launched during this difficult time is proof of that.”



Abbas Kamrudeen

Chairman, FITIS

“ Sri Lanka Internet Day 2021 (SLID)” inaugural virtual event by the Digital Services Chapter of the Federation of Information Technology Industry in Sri Lanka (FITIS), themed ‘Digital Inclusion’ on 6 and 7 of April 2021 will be a significant event in the journey of transforming our economy into digital economy and one of our key activities in our strategy.  Therefore, on behalf of FITIS, I congratulate Co-Chairs of our inaugural Internet Day 2021 Zulfer and Lathika together with CEO FITIS, Aruna for spearheading this project."